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Rootech Cloning Gel™

Rootech Cloning Gel™

Introducing Rootech Cloning Gel™ - the secret to successful propagation! Crafted with precision and backed by years of research, Rootech Cloning Gel™ is a must-have for every avid gardener and horticulturist.


Designed to promote rapid root development in cuttings, this gel is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients and hormones to stimulate growth and maximize cloning success rates. Its thick consistency ensures optimal adherence to the cutting, providing a protective barrier against pathogens while delivering essential nutrients directly to the developing roots.


Whether you're cloning delicate herbs, robust shrubs, or prized ornamentals, Rootech Cloning Gel™ offers unparalleled performance and reliability. Simply apply a small amount to the cut end of your plant cutting, then watch as it transforms into a vigorous new plant with strong, healthy roots.


Take the guesswork out of cloning and unlock the full potential of your garden with Rootech Cloning Gel™. Your plants will thank you for it!


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